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ScanNCut SDX 2200D On Sale - Don't Miss It!

Hi everyone I just thought I would let you know about this offer from Makers Superstore

The SDX2200D scanncut machine, which is the model I own is on offer with £200 off.

If you have a CM model scanncut and been thinking about upgrading and have been looking at the auto blade machines, this is the top of the range.

If you follow me on social media or take part in my Sunday night youtube lives you will know I've owned this machine since its launch here in the UK and I love it. The auto blade really is a game changer.

So if you have been sat on the fence about changing your scanncut, don't miss out on this offer. Makers Superstore really are a good company to deal with and are the only place here in the UK where you can buy this model machine.

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