Scanning & Cutting Stamped Images

I have heard some people are having problems cutting out stamped images with the scan n cut and others don’t seem to have a problem at all, so I thought as i have not tried this I would have a go and here are my findings.

I don’t really do stamping so dug out a couple of stamps I’ve had for years and then had to find some ink, the first two teddies as you can see didn’t stamp very well that was an old stazon ink pad that I think needs more ink, the third teddie and flower were stamped with a whispers black ink pad and were better.

So I put the stamped designs onto my mat and sent it to scan.

When it had scanned it looked ok.

The flower looked ok but the teddy was Incomplete and clearly wouldn’t have cut.

I took a close look at my stamping and as you can see from this next photo there was a tiny break in two places of this design on the bottom line where I’ve marked.

So I went over the two gaps with a black pen, scanned it again and this time it picked it all up.

Here are the cut outs, I’ve laid them on some card so they stand out clearly.

I’ve tried a couple more tonight, my stamped images were not particularly great but they we’re complete and no broken lines.

I am not sure if you can see on the bunting but the string line is so thin and yet it’s cut it perfectly, and the little sheep is less than 1inch square in size and again perfectly cut outline.

These are some Stephanie Weightman “no stamp required” images I’ve had years i thought I would try these out too, look at how it’s cut the butterfly antenna, amazing they have got to be less than 1mm thick.

Here’s another scan I’ve done today of the no stamp required image. You can see how close it got to the outline which is what I asked it to cut, there are no black lines left on the card it cut clean.

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