Sewing Class Update

I posted last week that i had bought some fabric for a sewing class, well I went to the first one of two and the bag is coming on fine considering I am new to all this.

We made the main part of the bag and handles and we made the jackets, we had a little homework to do, which involved making covered buttons, hand finishing our trim on our bag jackets, making and attaching our bag charm loop and sewing on the male side only of 8 press stubs(well that means at some point next week we will have to sew the 8 female parts to match up!).

I was awake at 5.00am this morning and could not get back to sleep, so I sat in bed sewing on the press studs and ladder stitching my trims on, am I mad (don’t answer that)

So homework all done as i did the buttons last night, and its a good job I did as I have some remote lessons lined up for the cutting machines.

I was going to post a photo of work in progress but I think I will leave it until its finished and let you see it then.

The house is coming on no major problems this week which makes a change, we have had the electrician in, the plasterers and the window people fitting the glass sun room roof.

The big lounge door is still not finished but the company assure me they will be with me this Monday to finish it off and put everything right, I am not holding my breath!.

We have the underfloor heating people booked for the week after next and then the finish floor will be pumped in,  then its kitchens, wet rooms, internal doors  and painting, lots of it so I can sort of see an end in sight but I am being cautious with all the bad look we have had so far I cannot see us having an easy ride.

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