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Something I need to say

Hi all I’ve thought about this all day today and decided that I need to get this out into the open.

I have been accused by Margret Teta Singleton and Jen Blausey of copying their video tutorials apparently for over a year and making a “cheap imitation”.

However in the same statement they say “they do not utilise the same programme as me” so a slight contradiction there!

They have also intimated that I seek to ” hog the spotlight” ( a little childish I think) and have said that their members are not allowed to recommend my YouTube channel in their group.

These accusations have been posted in their closed Facebook group “ScanNCut, Canvas and Scal Help”

I have no way of defending myself in there publicly, their post has now been removed.

However I have a copy of the full statement written by Jen Blausey and all the subsequent replies, accusations and comments by Margret Teta Singleton and others.

MTS last year was a member of a Facebook group I co admin, she frequently posted comments advising our members to join her private group and they would be able to have access to her tutorials.

I made several comments at the time that I have video tutorials on YouTube which are freely available to anyone, she clearly didn’t like my comments.

According to Youtube Jen Balusey has had a channel for 3 months.

I wish to clarify

I have never been a member of any group, blog, club, association etc etc that Margret Teta Singleton runs or has run.

I have never seen or watched a video by her, I have no need to.

I couldn’t possibly have been copying videos for over a year from someone who has only been on YT for 3 months.

I do not seek to hog anything, I understand from what I am told frequently that many Brother dealers around the world know of and recommend my videos and blog.

Both and Brother ScanNCut UK reccommend my video tutorials On their Facebook pages as well, all of which I think is a great compliment.

I constantly receive messages of thanks via FB, YT, Private Messages and my blog and have been happy to provide help and cutting files freely and will continue to do so and if that upsets the few then that is their problem, not mine.

I have over 3500 youtube subscribers in over 60 countries 227,366 youtube views 1,070,079 minutes of watched video I think those statistics speak for themselves.

All I wish to add is if you watch my videos and tutorials and find them helpful then that is great, if not, no problem. If you use Facebook please do not post any questions about them in any other Facebook group other than ScanNCut N Inspire (If you are a member) which is our group, that way you cannot upset them further.


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