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Stampin Up Order Delays

Hi everyone, just a post regarding the delivery issues we are all facing here in the UK as Stampin Up demonstrators and customers at the moment.

Several people have contacted me asking about orders and I just want to say in all the years I've dealt with stampin up as a customer and now as a demonstrator this is the first time I have ever encountered the problems we are seeing at the moment.

For clarity stampin up as you know is a US company, with a European facility in Germany, which is where all the products you buy from me through my stampin up, ship from, we usually have our orders within 7days, mine usually arrive within 5.

The uncertainty at the end of December over Brexit, Customs and a global pandemic have affected the efficacy of our deliveries, I know its frustrating my own orders from the 5th January and 1st February have still not arrived.

With so much going on in the world at the moment life as we knew it, is just not the same, I know a lot of you craft for many different reasons, and delays like this are frustrating.

I love making projects with my stampin up products and i love sharing them with all of you.

I hope you wont let these temporary disruptions stop you from continuing to support my small business and enjoy your crafting. It will get better, it has to right? we have to believe that.

Thank you Ashley.

Below is the latest statement issued by stampin up.

**** We understand that you and your customers are frustrated by the delayed packages. We hear you. We are continually working to improve anything we can from our end, as is UPS, but at this point, we have to wait on customs.

The containers that arrived in the London hub before 15 January remain the largest problem for Stampin’ Up! shipments.

We ship in consolidated loads, which means that our parcels are in the same containers with products shipped by other companies. If there is one parcel with a paperwork error in the entire shipment of 20,000+ packages, the whole container is held up until everything is corrected.

All of our parcels have had correct paperwork, but we cannot separate them from the other packages in the container.

No shipments have been “lost in transit” nor will any shipments be treated as lost. UPS has now implemented a new tracking code to identify parcels delayed due to Brexit.

UPS continues to operate 24/7, and they are prioritising shipments for companies that used their shipping services before these complications. As Stampin’ Up! was already a UPS customer, we are among those companies receiving priority.

The paperwork alone is overwhelming them and they are now only accepting freight into the UK submitted with paperless documentation, which we are doing.

As customs continues working out their new processes, we are seeing some recently shipped containers make it through with only a three­- to four-day delay.

We have been made aware of an email scam that asks customers or demonstrators to pay a $2 fee to release their shipment. Please do not pay this fee!

If you call UPS, they explain that this is a scam on their automated message at the beginning of the call. ****

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