Testing Fonts

Ive just been having a little play with the font converter again I typed 4 random fonts and saved the files.

The first two are typed in “Always Forever”

The third is “Scriptina”

The forth is “Grandmas Garden”

You can see because of the style of font they vary in size despite being typed at the same size of 36.

I made them this size thinking that if I was using these on a card as a greeting I probably wouldn’t want too big.

Ive used the basic blue pen from the original pen set as I don’t have the universal pen tool and Ive drawn them on basic copy paper.

The first two would be perfect as handwriting fonts as they are completely filled in.

Scriptina and Grandmas garden have gaps in the middle of the strokes, thats not a fault its the style of the font.

I copied them and applied the basic fill from within the settings of the SNC machine and got the machine to redraw them.

You should be able to see that using the fill option on all the default settings has closed up the gap.

I would experiment with fonts on your machine by making files as Ive shown in my recent videos and then getting your SNC to draw them with and without fill options and see what results you get. Have fun!

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