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I just want to say thank you for all the comments, the people concerned seem to think it is ok to say things behind the umbrella of a closed group on the internet, well it isn’t. Slander has the same laws on the net as in general life.

One of the people concerned has responded and I have published her reply along with everyone else’s. If you wish to read it, it was made on the 18th March at 12.42 by jenslife73.

The analytics available on the internet do not lie and this person has been a follower of my blog for 4 months.

The Inkscape videos Ive posted over the last year are techniques learned in over 10 years of owning an electronic cutting machine of one description or another.

I have in the past provide tutorial projects and samples for Graphtec, the then owners of the Craft Robo machine now know as the Silhouette cutting machine.

I have many years experience of using vector based software such as Inkscape, Robo Master, Design Master, Silhouette Studio, and Pazzles Inspiration/Funtime software, this is where my knowledge comes from.

I have tried to adapt my past techniques for The ScanNCut, both on the machine directly and by using Canvas, I am not an expert and love to see how others create things and pass information and knowledge on freely for anyone who wishes to follow along and I will continue to do so.

I will be posting my usual Sunday morning video and others as and when I can and if they collide with other videos posted on the internet so be it.

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