Tonights Youtube Live 6th September - Fonts For Greetings

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

Hi everyone here is a closer look at the fonts I used in tonights Youtube live. This live was created for Patty who wanted to know how to draw a specific greeting for card making.

To recap these were sized to about 0.40 inch high, once the line of text had been typed out.

All the fonts I used Ive had for a long time apart from the Banks Miles Single line, this was a recommendation from someone in my youtube lives.

I got them all from so I have no idea if they are still available or not.

There will be alternatives but you may just have to search and play around with them to see what works for you.

The fonts were all drawn without a fill and using both the universal and small barrel pen holders and I explained about the pens I used in the Live. If using a CM model machine I would start with the default draw and speed settings and test the results from there.

The fonts were

  1. Banks Miles single line

  2. Astina

  3. Clarista

  4. Samantha

  5. Zapfino

I hope that helps.

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