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Alternative Media For Stencil Making

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So over the last few weeks I’ve shown you some stencils I made in Canvas Workspace, which I cut using a laminating pouch. One of my viewers Derek contacted me and said that he had made stencils in the past using file folders he purchased in Asda, they are £1 for a pack of 10.

So if you live in the UK and have an Asda nearby you may want to look out for this product next time you are out shopping. I don’t have an Asda near me so haven’t tried these out for myself, as I always say you need to do a test cut if you are going to try to cut any media you have not used before, but as a guide he said you could start with a blade depth of about 4.

If you have a DX or SDX2200D with auto blade technology you don’t need to worry about this your machine will work out the cut depth for you.

This is the product and some of the stencils he has made, he said that as the folders are pre punched they are easy to store in a binder, which I think is a great idea.

His designs have been made to fill the A4 folder but I cannot see any reason why you could not add 2 designs per folder for card making, that way they would go further.

Thank you Derek for passing on this information and allowing me to let veryone know about the product.

If you haven’t seen the posts I did about making stencils I will link them below.

Here are Derek’s designs

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