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Apple Numbers - Something A Little Different Today

Hi everyone, I understand todays video will not interest many of you as its not crafting, but just over 4 years ago I needed a budget spreadsheet, so I made one in Apple Numbers and when I knew it worked for me I posted a video on my youtube channel I thought it may help someone, that video has had nearly 68,000 views which is great but madness and people thanked me and said it was helpful and they have made one.

I like trying to make and use spreadsheet for various things in my day to day life and recently I needed to find a way to use a function in a spreadsheet that I needed.

All you Apple Numbers or Excel experts out there, will probably be laughing at me, but although I like using spreadsheets I honestly don't know a lot about them.

I worked it out myself, by using something called the "IF" function in a very simple way and it worked for my needs, so I thought I would pass the information on, as it may help someone else.

Let me know if you use spreadsheets and how you use them and pass on any knowledge you would like to share.

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