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Bonus Days & Update

I am just letting you all know about the “Bonus Days” offer that has started today.

For every £45.00 you spend between the 1st-31st July in my online Stampin Up Shop Here (before postage & packing) you will receive a £4.50 Bonus Days Coupon Code, emailed to you.

There is no limit to how many times you can order, you will receive a code for every multiple of £45.00 you spend between 1st-31st July.

You have to provide an email, you cannot get your coupons any other way.

All you have to do is keep your coupons safe and then you can redeem them in my shop between 1st-31st August.

My Stampin Up Monthly Host Code is a way for me to reward anyone who places a qualifying order with me if enough people use it in the month. So please use the correct code at checkout in online shop (it changes on the 1st of every month)

A quick update on the Stampin Up blades for the paper trimmer, I have sent this out in my newsletter, but for anyone not subscribed.

The blades came into stock and instantly sold out, if you managed to get some and they haven’t arrived yet, they are starting to ship so should be with you soon.

SU are working on getting some more but as yet I have no idea when they will become available to buy.

The problems SU have been having with Customs labelling is starting to be resolved and out of stock items such as ink pad, refills, liquids etc is starting to be resolved, and they are working hard to overcome this temporary problem.

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