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Canvas Workspace On Mac & Big Sur

So this warning message has been showing on Canvas Workspace for computer since October and it was to let you know that if you use a Mac and allow the system update to "MacOS 11 Big Sur" that there would be a problem with using the text feature in CW.

I disabled automatic updates on my Mac so it would not update my operating system to "Big Sur" this way I have been able to continue to use the text feature in Canvas Workspace for computer.

One of my subscribers Heather contacted Brother to ask when this issue would be fixed, the reply is "there should be an update to rectify it at the end of January 2021".

If you are using Catalina or earlier you should still be able to use the text in Canvas Workspace for computer, unfortunately if you have updated to Big Sur you may run into problems as so many have been experiencing using the text feature.

But hopefully it will be sorted out in the next few weeks (fingers crossed).

Thank you Heather for letting me know so that I can share this information.

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