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Coaster Made For My Recent Stampin Up Retreat

Hi everyone last weekend I attended my second stampin up retreat hosted by Sam from pootles paper craft in Birmingham. Some of you may remember I went to one last year in September and I made fabric keychain wristlets as my swaps.

The group is called the pootlers and I decided to make fabric swaps again, this time coasters.

Sam likes rainbows, so I got a little inventive and add a rainbow to my design using embrilliance essentials along with the group name.

The machine embroidery coaster and rainbow designs were purchased from different Etsy sellers, I modified both designs and deleted elements on both to make the designs work for me.

Now in my head this seemed like a nice little personalised project, the reality was that I could only make 2 in an hour and as I was making 20 so these took me 10 hours spread out over a few days!

I didn't have a lot of time in the week running up to the retreat so its no wonder that I was actually still making them at 6.30pm last Friday night, which is the time I had planned to leave for my journey to Birmingham, anyway they got done and I felt acomplished, I packaged them simply in our A6 clear envelopes, added a stamped tag with my details and a little chocolate bar.

Everyone seemed to like them so it was all worth while so I thought I would share a little photo of them with you all.

The coaster its self is an in the hoop design and doesn't need a lot of fabric, I will try and upload a video of how to make the basic coaster on my youtube channel soon, but in the process of making my swaps I used up all of my Brother bobbin thread so I have to go and get some more. I hope you like them.

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