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Cutting Unbonded Fabric On A ScanNCut (Any Model)

Several weeks ago in one of my Sunday night Youtube lives I cut some fabric without an iron on backing, just using some sticky backed paper.

It worked out fine so In todays quick tip video I am showing the product I used, how I applied it to my mat so it was easily removable and how it cut my fabric.

My product was purchased sone time ago from a UK pound shop it was in the back to school section, I think it's the kind of thing used to cover children's school books.

I don't know its correct name, but several people who were on the live said its known as tacky back, or mat tack in their country.

I know we can use the Brother High Tack Fabric Adhesive Support Sheet, but to apply one of these to a mat means you have to forgo the use of that mat for anything other than fabric, because it's so sticky, if you cut a lot of unbonded fabric thats fine.

I don't tend to cut much unbonded fabric, also there will come a time when you have to remove and replace this high tack sheet and I've done it I have a video on it and its not easy, take it from me!

So I thought i would try this sticky backed paper as a temporary alternative and it seems to work a treat, its cheap and so easy to remove from your mat, that your mat is still usable for all types of other media. The video is here

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