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Design Team Announcment

I asked recently if anyone would be interested in joining my ScanNCut Design Team, well first let me say thank you to the 15 people who contacted me showing an interest.

I have chosen 6 people they are:-

Paul, Tricia, Val, Lynn, Natalie, & Helen

Each one of these lovely people will make two projects a year, the projects could be anything but all will be made with a ScanNCut (any model) or have elements made on a ScanNCut.

It may be paper, vinyl, 3D or Fabric hopefully there will be something for everyone.

You will see one project every month posted on my blog on the last day of every month starting this month January 2020.

Each project will have an accompanying PDF with instructions so that you can follow along and hopefully encourage you to maybe try something new.

Make sure you are following my blog (details at the bottom of this page) so you don’t miss them.

Thanks & Happy New Year

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