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Edge To Edge Quilting Using my Brother V5LE

Hi everyone I wanted to try out some edge to edge quilting using a design I bought from designs by juju and my Brother Innovis V5LE.

All these fabrics were scraps I've had left over from previous projects for many years, they were all different sizes and widths, so I decided to cut them into 3" strips at what ever length the fabric was and see what I would end up with.

I sewed all the strips together in one long length, then i cut this length in half and sewed the 2 long strips together, then i cut the length in half again and sewed the strips together, i did this until i had a 1 piece that was about 22" x 44". I then cut that piece in half to give me 2 squares that were 22x22".

I used 505 spray to adhere the strip square to a piece of batting, then i used the DBJJ daisy edge to edge quilting file and used my Brother Innovis V5LE to quilt the design all over the front. Once this was done I cut the quilted squares to 20.5 x 20.5"

I added a zip and a piece of plain white fabric for the back and turned my scrap pieces into cushions.

I love how these have turned out and it's used up lots of scraps Ive been hoarding for many years and it gave me the chance to have a go at edge to edge quilting.

I didn't record a video as I was just doing some sewing for myself but I did record a little bit of the quilting. Heres a quick video showing the quilting in progress and how the back looks with the designed all lined up its easier to see on the white batting.

Have you done any edge to edge quilting using your embroidery machine?

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