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Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone, I hope you all had a safe/good Christmas/Holiday season.

So 11 weeks ago this little fella came into our lives and Hannah and I still can't believe we are dog owners!

He is adorable and trying all at the same time, especially when we are chasing him around trying to retrieve, underwear, socks, towels and the bath mat, that he steals when we are not looking.

But we love him, we think he is a handsome little chap, he has grown so much in such a short time and constantly wants our attention, which isn't good for me especially when I am trying to work.

2021 wasn't a great year for anyone with the virus still being around but for us it did get a bit better in that Hannah was able to resume playing competitive golf and I was able to watch her for the most part, apart from about 8 weeks in the summer when I hurt my back and couldn't sit or walk.

I am so looking forward to walking Eddy around the golf courses that Hannah will play this year watching her.

I want to thank everyone one of you for continuing to support me on my youtube channel, for watching, commenting and liking my videos for tuning in on a Sunday night live and chatting with me, we have a lovely community with so many of you you turning up every week, so thank you.

To all the customers who have supported me in my Stampin Up business and continue to shop with me, your support really does help me so thank you.

For the people who have joined stampin up under me, its lovely to know you like the products enough to join and have chosen me as your stampin up demonstrator.

I know things as still a bit uncertain with the virus, but let's just hope that 2022 will be better for everyone. So thank you all once again and Happy New Year.



Just a quick plug for my calendar kit class that closes tomorrow at midnight, all the details are here on my website (its UK customers only I'm afraid, sorry! thats SU policy)

And for the people who asked about a paper share for the new product that launches on the 4th January, I will be offering a share this year and the details will follow in about a week (again its UK customers only)

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What a handsome boy. Happy New Year to you all.


Eddy is ADORABLE! I hope he's your buddy for many years to come.

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