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So I am back from my holiday and pleased to say I survived the flight. I hope you have been enjoying the scheduled videos whilst I’ve been away, I recorded several videos before I left for my holiday for both the ScanNCut and sewing projects and they will be on my channel over the coming weeks.

I am hoping to be able to get back to doing some live streams as well once I get unpacked and catch up on a few other things.

Just days before I left for my holiday I arrived home to find this, an inner glass panel of my double glazed sun room roof had exploded, apparently because of the severe heat, luckily I wasn’t sat there, this is normally my favourite place to sit.

It’s been an eventful few weeks for me, just two days before this happenened I had only just got my car back from the garage, it had been in there for a week for body repair work.

I somehow managed to get caught up in a police, stolen car stand off and the thieves in the stolen car barged my car out of the way to try to escape, and I was left with the whole side of my car dented and scratched.

So as I’ve not flown for nearly 30 years, and don’t like flying the prospect of having to get on a plane with these two incidents still fresh in my thoughts was very unnearving, but Ive survived, thankfully.

Ive enjoyed my holiday in the South of France and been into nearby Cannes a few times via boat which was lovely and spent one day in Monaco, Hannah and I have just relaxed and chilled and done just whatever we wanted to do, but I have to say I looked forward to coming home and sleeping in my own bed, there’s nothing quite like it really is there.

I have some busy times ahead with Hannah’s golf over the coming months, she has been accepted to play in the Abraham trophy which is a competition to find England girls most improved golfer based on handicap reduction, basically any girl with a 20 handicap or less who’s handicap had reduced considerably last season was able to submit 6 of their best rounds of golf from last year on courses home and away.

53 girls entered only 20 are chosen to play an 18 hole final in Hampshire UK in early August, Hannah got in which is amazing and in the same week at the same course she can apply to play in the England U16 girls championships, so I could be going off to Hampshire for a week in August!

She has also qualified to enter the English schools U16 championships, in the Midlands this is because she has got her handicap below 12 but we won’t know for about a week if she will be accepted or if she can play just because of other commitments but its great that she is getting these opportunities, as she is dedicated and practices all the time.

All this is on top of her weekly club golf competitions, matches she plays for her club and matches she plays for her County.

It’s a busy time for her and me as a taxi service and financier!

Anyway I hope you are ok and I will try and get back into the swing of things soon.

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