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How to cut land locked areas on print and cut images

Hi everyone in todays video I am showing you how you can cut land locked areas of your printables using the auto trace feature in canvas workspace for print and cut projects.

If you don't know what a land locked area is on this image it would be the inside of the cup handle, that wouldn't be picked up on an outline auto trace.

Todays video will walk you through how to get both the outside and inside areas cut out.

The image I am using is free from Creative Fabrica as part of your membership, or you may be able to buy it at a one off cost, I will link it below.

If you want more information on how to use or join creative fabrica I will link that for you.

The Brother print and cut activation card is also linked in my Amazon favourites, which I will link to as well.

Creativa Fabrica

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