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How To Make A Fabric Coaster With A ScanNcut Machine

Hi everyone I don't normally blog the Sunday night lives, but I thought I would show you the coaster I made from start to finish in tonight Youtube live, as its a simple project and these could be made fairly quickly for gifts.

This year Christmas is going to be so different for many of us and not being able to meet up with family, friends or neighbours to exchange gifts is going to be difficult but little projects like this would be easy to make and post.

Make 4 matching or all different, tie them up with some nice ribbon and you have a nice gift.

These were made using the fabric mat, fabric auto blade holder and fabric blade for the SDX/DX machines, (you have to have an auto blade technology machine to use these products)

So as you will see in the video I didn't have to use any sticky fabric support sheet on my mat or anything ironed onto the back of the fabric.

However you can still make this project with a CM machine by either applying the high tack support sheet to an old mat and cutting the fabric that way or use something like Heat N Bond lite ironed onto the back of the fabric and cut your squares on a regular mat.


If you need help using your ScanNCut machine, I now offer 1 to 1 private classes online Here

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