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Some of you will know Ive been a member on a sewing forum for several years and the forum in recent months has been having posting problems.

Some members including myself had to install another browser to be able to access the forum it has been a nightmare, we found out recently that the forum will close at the end of this month.

So Ive decided as I seem to be getting lots of messages and question now on my Youtube channel or through various Facebook groups and here on my blog that it may be easier to have a forum and hopefully we can all help each other.

The forum will mainly be for ScanNCut users and will have boards for Vinyl, Paper crafts, Fabric, Canvas and Inkscape.

However, as a keen sewer I will be having a dedicated sewing and machine embroidery board and hope that some of my sewing forum friends will come along and join.

The forum will be here:-

It will be a members only forum you will have to register to join but it is free, so hope to see some of you there posting and helping out.

I have enlisted a friend to help me administer the forum and I want to say a big Thank You to IrishPenny for all the help and support I have received.

I hope it will be a happy place to share, inspire and swap ideas.

Thank you.

I have a dedicated page in the header too.

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