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I'm Leaving Stampin Up and Why

Hi everyone, as the title says Im leaving stampin up, so todays video is just an explanation why and a thank you to everyone who has supported me with buying stampin up products over the last 4 years.

This is the ScanNCut cutting file I was test cutting during the video, and I used a pattern paper and embellishments I created myself in Canva and printed on my home printer.

I hope you like it

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Hi Ashley,I have watched your video,unfortunately you tube will not allow me to comment, I have joined Stampin Up recently it really was just for the starter kit whichi have really enjoyed ,but like you I am not overly enthusiastic about the choice of stamps and although I have bought a few I have mainly been increasing my ink pads. So I can fully understand your reason for leaving. I love your channel for both the scan n cut and the sewing. I love the paper and the flowers that you created, would it be possible to have a video explaining how you made them? Thank You Ashley for your continued inspiration. I will not be continuing with Stampin up…

Jul 28, 2023
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Hi yes I know and you have been a big supporter of me and my projects and I thank you for that, i meant to email you yesterday to let you know but Hannah found out yesterday that she got into an event in Denmark and needed to leave today, so we had some running around to do, well she did but wanted me to tag along! Thank you x

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