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I Want Your Ideas Please

Ok in this next week I am going to have some spare time so I am thinking about maybe trying out the Youtube live stream, where I will show you in real time how to make a project and I am thinking this squeeze top box?

The supplies I will use incase anyone wants to follow along are

  1. Score board

  2. Card

  3. Paper or Rubber Stamps for decoration

  4. Adhesive

  5. Scissors

  6. Corner rounder

It can be done at any time within reason, but I realise that we are spread all over the world and no matter what time I choose it is not going to be suitable for everyone, so it may be better If I do it one evening here in the UK possibly about 7 or 8pm.

What do you think, please leave comments below and let me know what night you would prefer i can see if i can coordinate it.

Also while I have some spare time is there anything that anyone wants to know how to do?

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