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In The Hoop Passport Cover

Hi everyone, if you have followed me for some time you will know that back in December/January I challenged myself to use my embroidery machine more and I said that I was going to try and post a sewing/embroidery project every month, well so far so good!

We are now in June and I've managed to post not one but sometimes two sewing/embroidery projects, here is todays. Its an in the hoop passport cover and its a free stitch file available with my all access cover from Creative Fabrica.

Click here if you want to join or get more info about CF, I will also leave a direct link to the individual stitch file, incase you are already a member, just click on view profile in the link details to see all the other alphabet letters that are available for this project.

In the hoop passport cover Here the file contains 3 quilt stitch designs, so if you don't like the design I stitched you have other pattern options. As I said in the video I will be making this again, but next time I will stitch all the steps and cut around the outside very close the the final stitching I personally think it will look better.

I hope you like the project.

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Another fabulous design and video,I love the colour you chose Ashley, I have managed to find a similar colour vinyl at my local Abakan shop,can I ask what size needle you used please. Many Thanks Pauline x

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