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Well just thought i would pop on and say Hi its been school holidays in our house this week but we have had great weather too so thats been nice.

My daughter has had lots of time to play in the garden and the weather has been great for our builders who are building our new home.

Ive been doing my ‘Couch to 5k’ runs and I am on week 3 again I am still struggling with the 3 min runs of the session but I will get there and am repeating the week 3 runs again starting today this will be my thrid go at them and i am hoping that by the time I have completed the 3rd run this week I will have cracked them!

I dont want to move on to week 4 until I know I can do all the sessions of week 3.

Ive been and bought some batting and backing fabric this week  to go with the fabric I posted about last week, which is for a table runner I am making for the recently painted toy box.

Its raining here today and I am hoping to get out for my run and once Ive done that I may do abit more sewing. I cannot do alot of crafting at the moment as I have still got most of my stash boxed up ready for moving again.

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