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Just saying Thank you

I get lots of messages from people here on my blog, and comments on my Youtube channel and through private message thanking me for my projects and tutorials and saying that I am a good teacher and that I give inspiration and courage to use the ScanNCut machine.

Ive never been a teacher (not clever enough) and I am not an expert, I am someone who has had a few electronic cutting machines over the years and I suppose I am curious about what I can make with them and accompanying software.

I show projects Ive made in the past, I get ideas from the internet, Pinterest and just everyday life and I like to share them here because having an electronic cutting machine opens up a whole new world of creativity, and we all need that in our busy lives don’t we?

I never thought when I posted my first ScanNCut video, which was to help someone with a problem, that I would be here some 3yrs later with a Youtube channel that has grown massively and is still growing everyday.

In the last few days I received an email from someone who I am not going to name, but the heart felt comments made me sit back and think about what I do with my blog and channel and the ScanNCut machine, the comments are so heart warming and humbling.

I just want to say publically a big thank you, not only to this person but to everyone who takes the time to follow my blog, subscribe to my Youtube channel and to ask me for help and ideas.

I know not all the projects I post are for everyone, but Its hopefully the techniques I show that will enable you to use them in your own projects.

You all keep me going and push me on with suggestions for videos too.

This is what the person wrote to me:-

I have to tell you how much finding you online has meant to me.

Like you I sew on a Janome machine, and use Embrilliance on a Mac. I’m new to machine embroidery and the Scan’NCut, but watching your videos has given me the confidence to learn and experiment.

I made your dust cover for my SnC, and even pulled my serger out of the closet (it hadn’t been used in years) to help with the assembly. I downloaded some dingbat files and rediscovered how charming they could be. I have been making several zippered pouches, but liked your pattern better than most.

I’ve tried some of your ideas for split letters in Canvas. Watching you work through things there helped me better understand the interface.

I hadn’t sewn in more than 25 years; coming home from work I found little energy or interest to go into my work room. But it’s all been coming back, and I’m so happy to have you as my teacher. The satisfaction of perfecting technique, and mastering new skills is wonderful.

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and making it accessible to so many. I think of you with gratitude with every project.

So once again Thank you to all of you.

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