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More Sewing

My sister in law got a Kindle for Christmas so I asked about on the net and got the measurements and made her a cozy for it. I sent it to her this week.


She loves it and it fits.

I had nothing to do the other night so I made this little heart for my little girl its filled with lavender. I drew the heart shape in the Pazzles software and cut it out in card on the Pazzles and used that as my pattern for my fabric.


Its hanging on her bedroom door and she asked me if i would also make her a cushion so I have made this tonight. It lavender like the heart above but my photos skills are clearly not as good as my sewing skills as it looks a different colour!


And I made these yesterday, I made three in total.


So as you can see I have been busy I have  two more roman blinds to make so I will post when they are done.

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