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Moving My Blog Back To WordPress


I hope you are all keeping well and that you have had a good summer, I am still a little busy but hopefully once I get my daughter settled into college in the next week things should start to get back to normal.

You will know I started a website in January this year and in about March I stopped posting her on my wordpress blog and started posting blog posts directly from my website. however, although the platform for my website is fine it just isnt working for my blog, so I have taken the decision to move my blog back to WordPress.

if you have previously followed my wordpress blog you won’t need to do anything, you should start to receive emails as before once I start posting again.

if you are new here please bookmark and or follow me here on my WordPress blog, there should be a follow button at the bottom of the page.

my website is still fully functional and there is a direct link from there to my blog here as well.

I have imported all the blog posts from my website onto here so hopefully everything should be in one place and ok. Having WordPress as the host for my blog just works better, for uploading and scheduling posts etc so I hope you all understand.

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