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My 10 Favourite Sewing Tools

Ive been asked from time to time what are my favourite craft tools, so I thought I would break them down into sewing tools and craft tools.

Here are my favourite 10 sewing tools in no particular order.

Links to all of them are on my craft/sewing products Pinterest Board Here

Use my affiliate links to purchase them, just choose the item and then click on “Visit” it will take you straight to it.

  1. Janome Memorycraft 9900

  2. Juki MO1000 serger

  3. Sewing Gague

  4. Fiskars scissors

  5. Clover wonder clips

  6. Olfa rotary cutter

  7. Olfa self healing mat

  8. Quilters ruler

  9. Air and Water erasable pens

  10. Fabric glue stick

Let me know what are your favourites.

I will post my 10 favourite crafting tools next week.

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