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NFL Super Bowl XLIX – Vinyl Project

So i got sidetracked yesterday and started playing about with vinyl knockout/punchout techniques, I was having fun playing with a dingbat font and text and then i have no idea why these random thoughts come into my head, but Superbowl just came into my mind.

I used to watch Super Bowl years ago but have to admit I know nothing about it now, so I googled and it appears that the final is very close. (hope i have got that right)

I know I have lots of followers on both my blog and Youtube channel (which is getting ever closer to 3000 subscribers) from all over the world but thought as a thank you to my US followers/subscribers I would combine Super Bowl and a vinyl project.

So here are the screen shouts of the multi layer vinyls. I have not cut them but they should be ok.

You may share the cutting files with family and friends but please do not sell them, also ask your friends to like and subscribe to my Youtube channel and blog if they are interested in the ScanNCut machine.

I have added line up boxes for you if you should decide to try it out.



The ScanNCut cut files are Here.

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