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Possibly my next quilt project

Today I went to buy the fabric to border the tumbler lap quilt I am making which I blogged about below this is a gift for my aunt but whilst I was looking around the shop I also bought these fabrics.

The problem I have now is I cannot make up my mind as to how I should make the quilt up, this quilt is for me I am thinking a lap quilt that I can keep draped over one of my settees. I wanted to introduce a splash of colour in my very plain living room.

I thought maybe do the tumbler design again but I have some fat quarters due to arrive any day that I could do in the tumbler design, then I thought maybe this simple horizontal and vertical design like this one I found on the net.

Then I thought disappearing 9 patch I just cannot make up my mind, I bought a metre of each fabric so should have more than enough for a lap quilt.

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