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Raspberry Crumble Cake & Ginger Biscuits

Ive bought a stand mixer this week and found this recipe on the internet so thought I would try it out.

The mixer I bought is this I bought the silver option:-

It was on offer and available on 4 flexi interest free payments so I went for it. It has a full metal body with copper wound 1000w motor and a large stainless steel bowl. it has 3 whisk attachments a splash guard and a spatula.

It is a very simple no nonsense machine, feels very sturdy and very stable and quiet. It has a removable cover at the top on the front so I assume it must have attachments that can be bought to add on, but I don’t won’t anything like that I just wanted a good straight forward stand mixer and that appears to be what Ive got.

I made ginger biscuits and crumble cake both very easy with this mixer. I forgot to take a photo of the biscuits but heres the crumble cake.

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