Running & My Birthday Treat

Well I missed my run on Wednesday night so I have started my week 3 run again tonight.

To my surprise I did it all without stopping, I know I was running slower but at least I did it all so I don’t have to run again now until Sunday.

Its my birthday in a couple of weeks and as Ive started sewing again after about a 30yr lay off Ive treated myself to a new machine.

I bought one a few weeks ago and all though its a perfectly good machine I am struggling with my eyesight and couldn’t see to do a button hole properly so I will be selling the machine and have bought this

This beauty does it all for me and more even some nice fancy patterns. I dont even have to use a presser foot or peddle what ever its called, just push a button and it sews.

I am sure I will have lots of uses for it when the new house is ready.

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