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ScanNCut Applique for In The Hoop Designs

I thought I would try doing a print, scan and cut on an in the hoop appliqué design that I bought a while ago. Now I am not good at hand sewing or cutting so anything that makes either of these things easy has to be a bonus, right?

I asked the owner if it was ok to do this and was told “yes if you can do it go for it”.

So today I printed out a basting stitch outline for this cute elephant design, I scanned it and got the ScanNCut to cut it and it was perfect.

In this video I show you how I did it all, hope it helps.

I would add if you choose the direct cut option, let the machine do its scanning and once its on your mat on screen, remove your cutting mat, take the printout off replace it with fabric and just load it back into the machine, the scanned image will still be there. All you have to do then is hit cut and it will cut the design for you.

And this is what the finished item looks like.

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