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ScanNCut Bottle Tags – Design Team Project 1

So back in December I asked if anyone would be interested in joining my design team for the ScanNCut, my main aim is to get people to use their machines and not to be scared of them no matter what model of machine you have.

I know a lot of people have a ScanNCut and simply don’t use, it is a fantastic machine and definitely more than just an electronic pair of scissors.

Paul Bailey starts us off with his bottle tag projects, Paul has created lots of designs for you to follow along with his instructions at your own pace.

His step by step PDF is available from my website Here Just look for the January project and the link to the PDF is under the photograph.

I am hoping to be able to showcase one designer project every month starting today and by the end of the year you should have a library of documents that you can refer back to with a variety of project options.

I show you all the tags that Paul made in the video below and I am also adding a couple of photos below too.

I hope you like the projects and it helps and inspires you to have a go and either create directly from his instruction or gives you the encouragement to create something of your own.

Please send me photos if you make anything, my contact details are on my website at mark you email “DT January Project”

Please make sure you are subscribed to my Youtube channel and follow my blog so you don’t miss out on future projects and tutorials.

Thank you

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