ScanNCut Canvas Workspace Online/Download?

Ive read several comments over the last few weeks where some people are getting confused between the two Canvas Workspace programmes, and don’t seem to know which one they are using. I know there are a lot of people who are new to the ScanNCut as I get many messages telling me on a regular basis. So todays video will hopefully help clarify any confusion.

In brief ScanNCut Canvas Workspace is an online and downloadable programme that we can use to create/open cutting files for our ScanNCut machine (any model).

The online programme is now known as Canvas Workspace for Web and the download programme is known as Canvas Workspace for PC.

The online version is sometimes also referred to as the cloud based programme, and the PC version is referred to as the download programme. So I suppose you can see why people would get confused.

In simple terms the CW for Web is accessed through an internet browser, just like you would go to ebay, amazon etc. When you click on the browser address at the top of the screen it will have something like this for Canvas Workspace online.

The CW for PC is opened from an installed programme on you Windows or Mac computer and you will usually have an icon that looks like this to open and use it, so no internet browser is used at all.

Todays video is just to try and clarify the two programmes and what to look for so that you know which programme you have open and are using at any given time.

You cannot loose your online CW for Web, you may forget your login and password (which you should be able to retrieve) but you wont loose it and once you get back into your online account all your FCM cutting files will still be there.

You can however loose the computer based programme, if your computer crashes and if that happens you would simply download and reinstall the programme.

I also have a side by side comparison video of the two programmes on my channel from December 2018, in that video I tried to explain the difference in functionality I use a Mac but both programmes should look the same or similar if you use Windows.

You may want to watch it here.

I hope the videos help.

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