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ScanNCut CM900 & SDX2200 Disney Comparison

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Hi everyone, so Ive had my new SNC SDX2200 Disney machine a couple of weeks now, and by the time you see this post and video some of you who follow me on Instagram may have seen a few projects Ive been sharing.

This video is just my first thoughts on comparing both machines side by side. As we go into 2020 I will be using the SDX machine more and showing you around the layout and the function keys.

The main differences apart from the new machine having Disney designs installed, is the auto blade technology which means we don’t have to set our own blade depth and cut pressure any more which in my opinion is a game changer.

I never really gave my blade settings for my past projects because everyones blade and machines seem to be setup differently so the fact that I will be using this machine going forward shouldn’t affect your ability to following along with any of my future projects.

Just do your test cuts with your blade and media and once you are happy follow along.

Heres a little project I made straight away with one of the inbuilt Disney designs.

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