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ScanNCut Fabric Mat - CADXMATF12

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

In tonights Youtube live I wanted to show you the new fabric mat for the SDX range of ScanNcut machines. I love the idea of having a dedicated fabric mat.

This is what Brother say on their website about this new mat.

"This mat has tacky adhesive to secure the material for cutting and can be used multiple times.

Specially designed for thin cotton fabric (0.25 mm) and flannel (0.5 mm) for quilt piece, accommodating up to 12" x 12" (305 mm x 305 mm).

For best cutting results, please use with Thin Fabric Auto Blade.

For use with the Brother ScanNCut DX machine"

So it will work in the SDX machines too but not any of the CM models.

As you can see above and if you watch the live stream it cut my un-bonded, un-starched fabric perfectly, this mat is definitely stickier compared to my new standard mat and there is no need to add the high tack fabric support sheet, which is a pain to try and remove from a mat when it needs replacing.

I cut a heart using the thin fabric auto blade on both the new fabric and a new standard mat and to be honest they both cut perfectly, but as the standard mat isn't as sticky I don't think you would get consistent results over time.

The actual blades are different, the one on the left is the thin fabric auto blade, and the one on the right is the standard auto blade.

They are the same length, but different in barrel width, length and angle of the actual cutting tip differs.

It is of course personal preference as to what you choose to use.

I was always told not to use scissors that are used for fabric, to cut paper so I suppose it makes sense to have separate blades for our machines too.

Previous CM model machines have not had dedicated blades but I know some people did keep a blade specifically for cutting fabric over the usual blade they used for card/paper.

So I am not sure if my little experiment helped but as I said this new fabric mat definitely feels a lot stickier compared to my new standard mat.

In conclusion I would say for me personally, I prefer that I have a dedicated fabric mat which I don't have to apply any additional sticky covering to, and I like that I also have a dedicated fabric blade.

Tonights live stream is here if you want to watch it.

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