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ScanNCut Machine Update V1.70

Brother have released a machine update there are links to the updates on my ” help and information” page.

For UK machine owners we have been given aligning and distribute features, grouping/ungrouping, specifying blade adjustment area and now have additional symbols in the fonts section, that include things like #,@,% etc.

The US have also been given these features as well as the svg and colour recognition for several of their machine models I believe, so please have a look on the Brother website to see what applies to you if you are outside of the U.K.

Please remeber when you do the machine updates, you need to save the update to an empty USB stick.

  1. Do not put the USB stick into the ScanNCut machine.

  2. With the machine off, press and hold the load/unload button and then the start button.

  3. Then follow the on screen instructions.

Hope this information helps.

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