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ScanNCut Patterns in Canvas and on the Machine

Kerry Dobson asked me in another thread was she doing something wrong as she cannot see all the designs she has on her SNC machine in SNC Canvas.

The simple answer is No you are not doing anything wrong.

SNC Canvas has 4 sections of design as standard (some people may have 2 more which are for the rhinestone and sticker kits, these are paid for add on’s)

Within the standard 4 sections you have 241 designs made up of basic shapes, borders and words and an alphabet section contains 16 fonts, as far as I am aware everyone has all these.

The UK/European SNC machine has the same 4 basic sections with the same amount of designs, but the alphabet section only has 5 fonts.

In addition the UK/European SNC machine has two extra sections the first covers flowers and occasions both of which have sub sections and contain approximately 260 additional designs, the second section is for quilt blocks and again there are sub sections with from memory 100 quilt block patterns.

There are three models of SNC machine ( CM 250, 550,600) all three machines are the same apart from the colour, I am not sure if they all have the same amount of inbuilt designs.

You can save any design from the SNC machine onto a USB stick and open, resize/manipulate it in SNC Canvas and you can download any design from SNC Canvas onto a USB stick and open, resize/manipulate it directly on the SNC machine.

I hope that helps and if I have got anything wrong please let me know in the comments box what model number and the difference it has over the CM600 machine I own.

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