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ScanNCut Print & Cut Alternative For Free

Hi everyone whenever I post a video or blog post about using the ScanNCut Print & Cut activation, I always get messages or comments about where can I buy it, as it's not available in my country.

So in todays video I am showing you something I have been playing with briefly in Canva and it seems to work for me, so I thought I would pass on the info and you can try it for yourselves, as the version of Canva I use is the free version so anyone can try this out.

If you want to try it with the images I also used you can get them here again free as part of your Creative Fabrica Subscription.

Let me know if you try it and how you get on, if you found it helpful or if you found an alternative method, as it could help someone else.

Thanks Ashley

This M shaped box would make a nice Mother's Day project decorated with the Gnomes from Creative Fabrica.

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