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Shapes On Path Scrapbook Layout

Good morning everyone I hope you are all keeping safe and well.

As you know Ive been working with the new Path feature in Canvas Workspace for PC recently.

A viewer commented that she didn’t know how she would use the function, but was happy to know how to do it, that got me thinking and I decided to step out of my comfort zone and do something different.

So I made my Saru’s “E” flower design bigger and in last nights Youtube live I made a scrapbook page.

As well as cutting the flower shape from card, I used the fit to path feature to shape my “stay home” words and I cut them in vinyl. I used the pen tool to draw the “2020” on a circle which I then cut.

I also used the background scan and added a circle over my photograph and cut that too, so many procesess used.

I added a little hand dashed line using a journaling pen which yes, I could have been done by the machine but It was a last minute thought so I did it by hand.

Anyway I hope you like it the “Youtube live”, was recorded so if you missed it, it is on my Youtube channel in the “live” playlist.

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