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Simple Pop Out Cards

So last night I found a link to the Scrapbook Soup website scrapbook Soup and Julie Fei-Fan Balzer was showing some pop out cards she cut using the ScanNCut. She had printed out her designs and scanned them through the machine to make a cutting file. I thought I would show you in next weeks video how to make simple pop outs using Canvas so no need to print and scan.

Here is a little peek at some Ive made. So what do you think is anyone interested in this type of card? I will post the video tutorial on Sunday 20th April.

In the video which I’ve now recorded but haven’t processed yet I show you how to make the pop out in landscape but this afternoon I’ve had a little time and created one using the butterfly that is a pre installed project shape on Canvas and made it into a portrait orientation.

So for my blog subscribers you should get notification hopefully of this post update and I am including a link to the download file for anyone who wants it.

Here’s how it looked in canvas and how it looked once I had cut it.



Here’s the link to the cutting file.

Here is the video

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