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I joined slimming world in september and I have to admit I struggled in the first week and wondered why I had singed up, but once I realised that it is just a case of making a few small changes I settled into it and its been great, no calorie counting, no counting points its not like a diet at all who would believe you could have eggs, bacon, beans, toast & tomatoes for breakfast or poached or scrambled eggs on toast, amazing.

I have changed to flora light from flora original, i have gone to semi skimmed milk from full fat, i now have agave nectar or sweet freedom in my tea which is 1 syn but better for you than sugar. I love muller luscious lemon greek style yogurts Ive also started making my own in my Easiyo yogurt maker that has sat in the back of a cupboard for years.

I make slimming chips which are basically potatoes cut into chips par boiled for 5 mins and then put into a roasting pan with fry light and salt and pepper, great with chicken as I dont eat red meat and far better then cooking them in a frying pan or deep fat fryer.

I eat more now than I ever have but its food thats filling and good for me. So I have now lost 19 pounds in 22 weeks to get me under target.

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