Stampin Up Host/Hostess Code

Hi, today I thought I would try and explain what a stampin up host code is, its basically like collecting reward points with your weekly shopping, but in this instance it only lasts for 1 month at a time.

I will post a host code on the home page of my website, here on my blog and on the home page of my stampin up shop every month, its an 8 character code and the video below will show you where to find it and how to use it.

I send out a hand made card to everyone who shops with me each month, but if you use the host code on checkout with your order I may also be able to send you some free product.

If the combined totals of all monthly customer orders is £150 or more I will be able to claim stampin rewards and purchase product, that I can then send out to anyone who used the code that month.

The more people who use the code the higher the rewards can be because everyone is helping contribute towards the same goal. (And it doesn’t cost you anything) You enter the code in the box shown below, which you will see once you view your shopping basket in my online shop.

Please make sure you haven’t clicked “No Contact” on your order as I will not be able to send you your rewards even if you used the code.

The video explanation is Here

Thank you

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