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Still Decluttering

So after reorganising my craft room last week, yesterday I turned my attentions to my home office.

I had this big IKEA corner desk which is now dismantled ready for selling.

I also had this big cork board on the wall.

I’ve reorganised, this white short IKEA unit used to be on the left hand wall as I walked in and the three oak tall units all stood next to each other centrally on is wall.

I moved them around which I think looks better and given me a lot more space when I walk in.

I gave the cork board a couple of quick coats of white chalk paint and covered the cork with this blue fabric.

I bought a new desk from IKEA which has a white high gloss top, and a small set of draws to go underneath.

It’s so much brighter and simplified looking now, I love it. I just need to think about changing the Roman blind now.

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