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This Is Why I Love My ScanNCut

This is why I love my scanncut, I only had scraps of this paper and I wanted to use it on a project and I needed a specific number of shapes I wanted to cut.

I knew it would be tight but by having the inbuilt scanner I was able to load my mat with the scraps of paper, choose the required number of shapes and position them on the scraps to make best use of them. I even had a small piece left over which was good because I forgot I needed two other shapes. So I was able to complete my project fuss free.

The video below shows you how I managed it, I hope it helps anyone new to the scanncut and to show you just why having the inbuilt scanner really makes this machine stand out from the rest.

This is a sneak peek at the project I needed the shapes for, the full video will be here on my blog and youtube channel soon. The cutting file is below.

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