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Toiletry Bag

So Hannah asked if i could make her a toiletry bag and personalise it with her name.

I used what I had in my stash, so here it is it has a waterproof lining and the only piece of heat transfer product I could find was this iron on pink flock which I must have had for at least 10yrs.

I found a font on Dafont called “Hello Honey” opened it in Canvas Workspace for PC, sized it to fit my piece of flock and welded it, because I haven’t used this font before and I only had once chance to get this right I added an offset of 0.04 to my text, deleted the original text and used the offset text. Its a little trick Ive used in the past to thicken up fonts if I’m unsure of how something will cut.

I even remembered to mirror the text!

I added a test cut to check it would cut OK and it cut perfectly with the auto blade technology on the SDX2200D with a “half cut” setting.

I think it turned out fine and she likes it so that makes me happy.

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