Transform an Oven Cloth

Ok I have not crafted for ages using my Pazzles I am still waiting for Pazzles to produce software that I can use with my Apple iMac. but I have the software installed on a windows laptop so Ive had a bit of a play today.

The bird and swirl are a file I created some time ago I have used the bird on a quilt I made last year, so I made him bigger. I applied heat n bond ultra to my fabric and then cut out the design with my Pazzles I used the stiffened fabric setting in the control panel but I upped my pressure. All I had to do them was peel off the backing from the heat n bond and iron it onto the oven cloth. I used a blanket stitch setting on my sewing machine for decoration. They look different colours but the first one was taken when the sun was shining, the second one is the true colour.

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