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What Does Subscribing To Youtube Mean?

So I’ve noticed from my Youtube channel that although i have a lot of subscribers, (and I thank you all for that) I have many people who watch and comment on my videos but don’t actually subscribe and I began to wonder why.

Firstly let me say Youtubers do not earn money from people subscribing to their channel

YT is basically a page where the creator (in this case me) can post videos and they are all located in one place together. You/Me as viewers can find and watch recent or old content easily on someones channel.

Why subscribe? well the main reason is probably because we like the content that the creator puts out there and we would want to see more of the same.

By subscribing its just like adding a favourite or bookmark on your mobile or PC or like following someone on Instagram/Twitter. It a show of support it lets the channel creator know that people like what they do and encourages then to carry on filming, editing and uploading.

How to subscribe? When you find a channel or a video you like there is a big red button that says subscribe, all you have to do is click it, usually you will see a message that says you have subscribed and then a pop up message asking you to click on the bell icon, all this means is that YT will send you one email whenever that channel posts content, so you never miss anything.

It really is as simple as that. You will not be spammed you can unsubscribe at any time no one will chase after you asking why.

You will see all the channels you have subscribed to on the left hand side of the screen once you are in YT, along with anything else that you have marked as watch later etc.

The video explanation is Here

So what are you waiting for subscribe today! Here

Can I ask that you also click on the “follow” button located on the bottom right of this blog page, because when I offer give aways on youtube the results will only be posted here on my blog, so if you don’t follow as well you could miss out!.

Thank you.

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